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The only way to get on the guestlist for our nightclub is to make a guestlist request through a TEN brand member. You can find a TEN brand member by visiting the "BRAND MEMBERS" page. Alternatively, you can try to find a TEN brand member by searching through the accounts we are following on our instagram @tenlondon.
TEN brand members are limited in how many people they can add to the guestlist for each event (and it is a brand members personal choice who they invite on their guestlist) but each person added to the guestlist will be provided with a VIP experience once inside the venue. It is important to bare in mind that only TEN control the door and no TEN brand member can offer you free entry. Therefore, you need to be aware of the following before attending one of our nightclub events -

1.If you have not purchased a ticket but have been added to the guestlist by a TEN brand member, an entry fee may be requested at the door upon arrival. The standard entry fee is £20 but this is subject to change depending on the occasion.

2.If you have purchased a ticket and have also been added to the guestlist by a TEN brand member, you will not need to pay an entry fee at the door, as we do not make people pay twice. In this particular scenario you will just need to show your ticket and then quote the name of the brand members guestlist you are on.

3.If you are in communication with a TEN brand member they will be able to inform you if there are any changes to entry fees for a particular occasion, but any ticket or guestlist payments should only be made through the relevant TEN website, a ticketing platform where TEN is advertising an event, or at the door, you should never part with any money directly to a TEN brand member (or to anyone else via any other method or means).


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