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Any person attending TEN London must ensure they are appropriately dressed for the occasion. If you are attending an Event, it is important to contact the organiser of the Event to find out the dress code policy they have agreed with the venue for that Event. If you are attending the Bar or Nightclub, you can find the relevant policies on this page. The Physical Violence policy applies at all times.

(5:30pm - Late Monday - Friday)

The TEN London Bar operates a more relaxed dress code than the Nightclub, however no hats are allowed to be worn inside the venue and we politely request that you avoid sportswear and tracksuits

(10pm - Late)


Dress to impress Ladies! Elegant, Sexy and Classy is the requirement, but leave something to the imagination, no over revealing outfits. Jeans, trainers, sliders and casual trousers are not allowed. Heels are a must!


Make an effort Gents! Smart, Stylish and Unique is what’s expected. Designer Hoodies & Trainers may be accepted at the doors discretion, but no Hoods are to be up inside the venue and no Casual (Sportwear Branded) Trainers are allowed. Flip Flops, Beachwear, Fleeces and Hats are also not permitted, but a facility to store Hats is provided at the front entrance.


Upon passing through security, all Coats and Jackets (considered by the venue to be too casual and not in line with the dress code) must be removed prior to entry and placed in the cloakroom downstairs where there will be a £3 charge. 

Entry on any occasion is always subject to doors discretion. We fully reserve the right to refuse entry to guests for any reason, including but not limited to: underage patrons, visible intoxication, client presents a danger to himself or herself, or failure to adhere to dress code. All guests are required to be of legal age and must present a physical government-issued ID at time of entry. It is recommended that guests arrive early and with their entire group, preferably of equal ratios.


​TEN London operates a zero tolerance policy against physical violence. A person on our premises (or the surrounding area) who commits any action of physical violence whatsoever must immediately pay a £10,000 fine to the Business, which may increase to an unlimited amount if the operation of the Business (or its name) is further disrupted or damaged in any way, shape or form, or if the Business has to allocate time and resources to cooperate with a police investigation as a result of the said persons actions. The violent individual will also have their personal information shared on an ID scan database that links to thousands of other venues around the UK (where an alert will be created) likely resulting in a ban from all venues in the UK that operate an ID scanner, for a minimum of 6 years. Any person who fails or refuses to pay any money due because of their violent actions will accrue 0.1% interest per day from the date of the incident until the final balance has been cleared. The Business may also initiate legal action, enforcement action or both in order to recover any monies due. Any person who enters our venue automatically enters into a contract with the Business to accept this policy in full, it is a condition of entry and it is all attendees responsibility to read this policy before attending. Any person who does not accept this policy must not attend.


Since the beginning of time, the "scale of one to ten" has been the most frequently used concept when it comes to rating things, people, places, performances and so on. The scale has ten as a maximum score, as a denotation of exceptionally high quality or perfection, usually accompanying one as its minimum, although some common variants have a minimum of zero. This has in turn made ten the most admired number on planet earth, which subsequently sparked the idea and vision for TEN London, a brand built with exceptionally high standards and service in mind. If an individual initiates an action of physical violence at our venue, it has the ability to damage the name that we are built upon, as the majority of people do not want to see incidents of violence at a Bar or Nightclub, they go out to have a good time and enjoy themselves and violence will most likely put people off from returning in the future. For this reason, we have put this policy in place to not only protect our staff and customers by creating a safe environment at TEN, but to also make people think twice about their actions at our venue, as our legal team won't hesitate to ensure anyone who breaches this policy and damages the TEN name is brought to justice.

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