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Any person attending TEN London must ensure they are appropriately dressed for the occasion.


The TEN London Bar operates a relaxed, smart casual dress code.

The TEN London NIGHTCLUB operates a strict dress code policy.

Dress to impress girls! Glamorous is the requirement. Jeans, trainers, sliders and casual trousers are not allowed. Heels are a must!



Make an effort guys! Smart, stylish and unique is what’s expected. No hoodies, gym wear, hats or sportswear branded trainers are allowed. 

If you are attending an event (not organised by TEN London) you should contact the event organiser to find out what the dress code is.


Upon entry to our nightclub, all coats and jackets (considered by management or security to be too casual and not in line with the dress code policy) must be removed at the door and placed in the cloakroom.

The TEN London BAR offers a complimentary cloakroom service. However for the TEN London NIGHTCLUB there is a £3 charge per item for using the cloakroom.

Before 7pm, a bus lane operates and parking is prohibited outside TEN London. After 7pm, parking is allowed. For the TEN London BAR, attendees are welcome to park outside after 7pm on a first come first serve basis without notifying the venue. However, for the TEN London NIGHTCLUB, parking is reserved for table clients only and a maximum of 1 car per table is permitted. To secure a parking space, table clients must contact the brand member they booked the table through and provide the make and model of their vehicle along with their vehicle registration.


All attendees at TEN London must respect the needs of local residents. This includes using the smoking area quietly and leaving the area peacefully and quietly at the end of all events when required to do so. It is our security teams job to monitor the surrounding area using body worn cameras and any person refusing to leave the area, or causing a disturbance of any kind (either inside or outside of a vehicle) will have their personal details (and vehicle details) shared with the police and DVLA, with any video footage captured also being sent to them. This could result in fines, penalty points and driving bans being issued. Furthermore, TEN London will also take action of our own, by issuing bans against peoples names (via our ID scanner that shares information with thousands of other venues throughout the UK) for any period of time we feel necessary, which will make it extremely difficult to enter any other venues that operate using an ID scanner.



TEN London has invested heavily in (not only) creating an environment where people can have fun, but also one where they can feel safe. For this reason, the following physical violence policy applies at all times -

TEN London operates a zero tolerance policy against physical violence. A person who has entered our premises that commits any action of physical violence whatsoever (either inside the premises or outside the premises in the surrounding area) must immediately pay a £10,000 (on the spot) fine to TEN London, which may increase to an unlimited amount if the operation of TEN London is further disrupted or damaged (in any way, shape or form) due to the said persons actions, or if TEN London has to allocate time and resources to cooperate with a police investigation as a result of the said persons actions. Any person who is physically violent will also have their image publicly shared and a ban will be placed on their name (via our ID scanner that shares information with thousands of other venues throughout the UK) for 6 years or more, which will make it extremely difficult to enter any other venues that operate using an ID scanner. TEN London will pursue any person who fails (or refuses) to pay a £10,000 on the spot fine via any means necessary,,such as (but not limited to) enforcement or legal action, which could involve bailiff visits, an application being made by TEN London to the court to register a CCJ against the violent persons name, or a bankruptcy application being made by TEN London against the violent persons name. Interest (to be calculated in line with the governments standard rates) will also be charged from the date of the incident until the date the bill has been settled in full.


Entry on any occasion is always subject to doors discretion. TEN London fully reserves the right to refuse entry to guests for any reason, including but not limited to: underage patrons, visible intoxication, attendee presents a danger to himself or herself, or failure to adhere to dress code. All guests are required to be of legal age and must present a physical government-issued ID at time of entry. It is recommended that guests arrive early and with their entire group.

Any person who enters TEN London automatically enters into a contract with TEN London, acknowledging their acceptance of this door policy page in full. Accepting this door policy page is a condition of entry and it is all attendees responsibility to read this policy before attending. Any person who does not accept this policy must not attend.














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