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Tables for the TEN London BAR can be booked by visiting our "BAR" page. You do not need approval from a TEN brand member to book a table for the TEN London BAR.



Table packages for nightclub events can only be booked by gaining approval from a TEN brand member. It is up to brand members whether they give you approval or not. If you gain approval, the brand member will give you a code which can be entered at checkout on our “NIGHTCLUB” page . For general table packages, the initial payment you make will be a deposit and you will pay the remainder of the table package price when you arrive to the event with your group. However for girls only table packages, the full amount must be paid up front due to the fact our sponsor @guestlistlondon are covering 50% of the cost. The brand members code must be entered at the point of checkout for all table packages in order for the booking to be accepted. Failure to enter a TEN brand members code may result in your booking being cancelled. To find a TEN brand member, you can visit our "BRAND MEMBERS" page, alternatively, you can search through the accounts we are following on our @tenlondon instagram account.




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