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TEN London opened its doors on the 10/10 2021 as a bar, nightclub and private hire venue and wasted no time in establishing itself as an elite venue in central London. Located in Holborn (an area well known for its links to the legal profession and diamond centre at Hatton Garden) TEN is a an intimate, 250 capacity space that's become known for hosting celebrities and an affluent clientele, such as Chris Brown who held an Official After Party at TEN following his first UK tour show in 12 years. Location combined with beautiful décor, luxury velvet sofas, perfect table service, a dance floor and a state of the art sound and lighting system, makes TEN a sought after option within the hospitality industry... and you never know who you might meet.

Since the beginning of time, the "scale of one to ten" has been the most frequently used concept when it comes to rating things, people, places, performances and so on. The scale has ten as a maximum score, as a denotation of exceptionally high quality or perfection, usually accompanying one as its minimum, although some common variants have a minimum of zero. This has in turn made ten the most admired number on planet earth, which subsequently sparked the idea and vision for TEN London.


After starting out as a fashion label, Ten Club London (as we were previously known) first burst onto the global scene almost immediately after its launch in 2016, becoming hugely popular with celebrities and consumers around the world. After just a few months of existence, our label caught the eye of world famous American rock band Pearl Jam, who boast a combined net worth of $385,000,000 according to The rockers (dubbed one of the most popular rock and roll bands in America) released their debut album titled "Ten" in 1991, an album which stayed on the billboard 200 chart for nearly five years, and went to become one of the highest selling rock records ever, going 13x platinum in the United States. Off the back of that success, the Seattle formed group then created the "Ten Club" a members organisation set up to give back to their fans. For this reason (along with the fact Pearl Jam have a huge London fan base to the point they have sold out gigs at the O2 Arena with ease) the grunge group contacted us and made an offer to purchase the Ten Club London naming rights. After a period of negotiation, we completed the sale of the Ten Club London trademark and domain name, in a deal which enabled us to register (and now operate under) our preferred name of TEN London. We later relaunched the new TEN London brand on the 10/10 2021 as the bar, nightclub and private hire venue you see today, with the fashion label also now operating under the new name at


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